Richard Misrach: Destroy This Memory

Take a look at this photo essay  Destroy This Memory by Richard Misrach about the destruction in New Orleans post-Katrina.  The interplay of text and image is forefront in Misrach’s project.  How do you see it working?  Out of hundreds of images he snapped, why are these particular ones chosen for the Time Magazine photo essay–what relationship do you see within the photos?  What is the narrative here?

Each photograph is arguably powerful and evocative.  But what is the experience of seeing them together?

What is the effect of seeing these photographs in a particular sequence?

What connections do you see between the photographs that are next to each other?  What threads carry through the series?

Let’s talk about tone.  What is evoked within each image?  Does it vary?  How so?  Is there an arc? Why does that matter?


For more information on this particular project, see below.

Next you can see how the photographs could be used in a different way – as a hybrid photo/video essay.  This second piece is courtesy of  SFMOMA

Richard Misrach - Katrina

What layers are added to this photo essay?  for example, what is gained (or lost) by seeing the photographer within the video? consider the use of music.  what new angles are introduced in this piece–what do we learn about the project?  what is gained, what is lost?



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