see you tomorrow!

dear all –

keep going with your “seeing” photo posts.  a photo a day!  what do you see?  what catches your eye?  what image will you choose to post and title and caption? it’s not too late to get these photographs posted.  for inspiration, check out yunshan’s photo posts so far!

during the second half of Monday’s class, we will practice making a photo essay using iMovie as a structural tool.  To this end, choose 7 digital photos (photos that you’ve taken) that you’d like to bring to class and practice using iMovie with.  these photos can be the photographs you have posted to your site this week, or other photographs that could represent a regular week in your life somehow; throw the photographs on your google drive or bring them on a flashdrive or email them to yourself — whatever way is easiest so you can access them in class.

Photo essays to read:   Read Hony and The Old Oak and A Day in the Life of a Crufts Dog   Lauren Greenfield’s site seems to be temporarily down for two of our photo essay readings.  Not to worry, if it doesn’t come back in time for class. We still have a lot to talk about together.

email me with questions!

see you tomorrow–


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