Class on Monday & your pitch for final project

By class on Monday, please have your exercise #2 uploaded onto a page on your wordpress photo blog site.  Can’t wait to see these imovie photo essays!

Good news: We don’t have any new readings for class this meeting.

We do have some exciting stuff on deck, however.  We’ll be using part of class time to talk about your ideas for your final photo essay project.  To bring to class: draft a < one-page typed project pitch that describes your idea (or ideas, if you have multiple) for what you want to do for your final photo essay in our class. Also, bring 10 print photographs that may figure into your final photo essay project.

In the project pitch:

(1) Describe the photo essay project and your goals.  Be specific, as possible.  Do not leave things broad or general. (It’s ok if things change and transform  in your project as you go!!)  Then consider: What’s at stake in this photo essay?  What are you exploring?  What do you want the viewer to experience/question/understand after viewing your photo essay?  Why does this project interest you?  Why do you think it will engage others, your audience?

(2) After describing the project,  please add a paragraph about questions you have within your photo essay that you are still mulling over, present concerns, and/or possible gaps to fill.

(3) Then sketch out a rough production plan, outlining the steps in your process.  What do  you need to accomplish by when?     Note: Everyone will share two of the same dates on their plans: full rough draft for workshop: June 12th –and final delivery due date: June 19th.

After class, you’ll have time to revise your project pitch, if necessary.  Email T the revised version by Wednesday night (6/7).   For this, include any ideas that emerge from your group pitch in class. *If you were between ideas, make sure to pick one now, and narrow the focus of your project.

Email with any questions or clarifications.  See you tomorrow evening!


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