workshop, woo hoo!

Monday will be an evening of workshop.

First we’ll have three whole class workshops with photo essay drafts to talk about together as a class –thank you to Cydney, Jinyu and Dylan for sharing their drafts with us early!

*note: all three drafts are ready to view for workshop and you can reach them with the links in the next paragraph.

Cydney’s will be ready to view now, Jinyu’s draft is ready, and Dylan’s draft The Nature of Tech is ready to view now. Bring a page of notes to give to each photo essay maker in workshop (Cydney, Jinyu, and Dylan). Ok to be hand written.  Ok to be bullet points, sentences, or fragments.  You’ll use the notes during workshop itself, and then hand them to each writer after.

After these three workshops, we will work in small groups for peer review of everyone’s project drafts.  Bring your full draft of your photo essay.  You can post it as a draft on your photo blog OR you can bring it on your own laptop or in a file to open up on the classroom computer.

So, all in all, we should have an evening of big ideas and useful feedback!

See you tomorrow.

*Note: if you’d like to talk about your photo essay this week, we can find a time to meet.



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