Due:  by class Monday June 5th on your wordpress site as a page

For exercise #2, create a photo essay on one of two subjects using iMovie as a platform to make an automated photo essay.

The challenge will be to take one of these subject ideas and make it your own.  Make it particular.  What do you see?  What will you show?  What experience will you give to the viewer?  What emotion will be evoked?   What might the viewer understand after seeing your photo essay that they didn’t understand before?  What might a viewer question? What story will you tell?  These are all ways a photo essay works in the world.

1 – People of Michigan (POM) –  Who are the people of Michigan?  Let’s take a look.

*using portraits of people, explore a question (or group of questions) that each person answers   (for example, you could ask people in the Diag what is something that really surprised you about Michigan –could be something no one really tells you about it on a recruitment tour or on the Michigan website or in the Michigan video played during football games on TV; or it could be a question like “what have you lost”)  What question(s) would you be interested in learning about others?  How would these unify to tell a larger story?


*using portraits of people, explore a group that you know well here at Michigan (you are an “insider”–or a group you would like to know well –like Lauren Greenfield and the female firefighters) and reveal to the viewers what is interesting or compelling or strange or funny or wonderful about the group and how it ticks within the individual portraits and captions

2 –  The Huron River – a campus neighbor that you could create a photo essay about.  You could take photographs of the river to tell a story about the environment or to ask a question about nature or explore the intersection of people and the natural world (bridges, kayaks, litter, etc)  It could be lyrical, or like a poem, or the photo essay could be political, with facts and an argument.  We should conserve our natural spaces.  Or make sure that water pollution (a dioxine plume, for example) doesn’t reach the city’s water supply.  Or are the birds and animals the main characters that you see? This is an opportunity to use the river as a subject but to explore and research on your own, and tell the story that you discover.  What do you wonder about the river?

Have fun with this! Woo hoo!

Create a photo essay that includes:

 7-12 photographs that you’ve taken

a title


final credit slide with your name and 2017

optional:  short block of text after title, before photo essay series begins OR at the end after the photo series

optional: audio track(s)

We’ll go over the basics of iMovie in class on Monday May 22nd.   ScholarSpace in Hatcher Library (2nd floor) is open during the week if you’d like to drop by or you may email Breanna Hamm directly if you would like to set up an individual consultation.  I will hold extra office hours after Memorial Day either on May 31, June 1st or 2nd  if you’d like to come by the office and talk over ideas or work on iMovie together.  Please email me if you are interested and we can find a time that works for everyone.

Exercise #2 will be due by class on Monday June 5th on your wordpress site as a page.