final project

Photo Essay with Reflective Essay

Full draft for workshop: June 12th

Delivery Date:  June 19th by 5pm (hosted on a PAGE on your photo blog)

For your final project, you will create a photo essay.  Choose 7-15* of your original photos  and sequence these into a photo essay that tells a story, evokes a particular feeling or creates an experience for the viewer. The subject will be your own to design and explore.  We’ll talk about this more in class together.  I’m also happy to talk or email with you about any ideas–don’t hesitate to email or ask.

This project offers a wide umbrella of opportunity.  Have fun with it.  What story do you want to tell?  What are you curious about?

You have photographs taken during our short time together.  You’ve practiced with iMovie.   Look at recent photos.  Go on a walk and take pictures today.  What are you drawn to?  What do you see?  Which are your favorites?  Why?  Which photos intrigue you?  What ones stand out?  What connections do you see?

Could  you build upon these photos, and take more, to create a photo essay? Or is there some idea or question that you wonder about–now’s the chance to explore it!

Trust this.

The design of the photo essay is up to you (and what fits your project best) and can take  the form of any photo essay we’ve looked at in class,  from Destroy This Memory, What The World Eats,  to picture essays like Inventing My Father by Diana Markosian, and more recently the Old Oak or Day in the life of a Crufts Dog.

What to include:

strong title (may have subtitle too) — include your name also

some type of text:  introduction text/captions/blocks of text/ conclusion (doesn’t have to be a lot; see what your project requires)

7-15 of your original photographs

if choosing iMovie option: 

1 – final credits slide – with your name, copyright date & other credits/acknowledgements.

2 – audio optional: music, voice over, environment/ambient audio, narration, interviews, etc.

*Reflective Essay*

This essay will serve as a companion to your final project photo essay. It will give you an opportunity to write about the project’s mission—it’s central idea and your process making the photo essay.

Please begin by describing the photo essay, giving a summary of your intentions for it. Then tell the story of the making of the project itself—steps, the decisions you made along the way, why you chose certain paths, even including mishaps or wrong turns in the process and how they changed how you saw the project.   Include how you discovered your subject/theme and discuss how you chose to sequence the photos. If you would like, you could include particular photographs, or other artifacts that help to illuminate your process. This section of your essay will be process analysis, as well as reflective analysis.

Conclude by writing about what you hope the experience is for your photo essay’s audience. What do you want your viewer to experience or to understand as they walk away from the project? What do you want the person to be wondering about?

Word count: 500+

Email this essay to T!

Delivery date for photo essay and reflective essay:  June 19th