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Ways of Seeing: The Contemporary Photo Essay (2015)

Fast Company Design: The Best Photoessays of 2017  

Lois Bielefeld Weeknight Dinners

Peter Funch  42nd & Vanderbilt  example of project based series that became photobook

Diana Markosian  “Inventing My Father”  & “Mornings (with you)”

Jamie Diamond “Mother Love”

Christian Lutz “Insert Coins”

Jean Cheung “Death Experience/Fake Funeral”

Shelly Calton “Concealed: She’s Got a Gun”

Henrik Knudsen “The Notebooks of BBC Radio’s Nick Barnes”

Lauren Everett “People Like Us”

Peter Garritano “Seeking”

Amos Chapple “The Russian Buddhists vs the billionaire”

Teri Pengilley & Matt Fidler    “A Day in the Life of a Crufts Dog”

Chris Thomond & Patrick Barkham   “The old oak: a year in the life of a tree”

Matt Black & Trymaine Lee  “The City: Prison’s Grip on the Black Family”

& “The Rust Belt: Once Mighty Cities In Decline”

James Balog  Melting Glaciers

Alberto Frigo with Mark Wilson “For 11 Years, This Man…”

Fast Company Design – The Best Photo Essays of 2014

The Best Photo Essays of 2015

The Guardian – Picture Essays

Multi-media photo essay – Peter van Agtmael with text by Kylie Gordon:

The #NextGreatDiscovery 

Noel Bower   Labor’s Inner Sanctum

LOOK photo essays from around the world/The New York Times Magazine

Lauren Greenfield  Female Firefighters    & UT Football  NEW LINK TO FIREFIGHTERS

US Department of Defense  US, Greek Troops Perform Airborne Operations

Jamel Shabazz  “40 Years of Sights & Styles”

Lujan Agusti   “Meet the Dancing Holy Clowns of Mexico”

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J Bennett Fitts      No Life Guard on Duty  (Ode to old motel pools)

Institute – stories (A block of text with images to follow).