Your Photo Blog

Your Photo Blog (your wordpress site) is due by Monday evening, June 19th.

Please email T when you have completed your final photo essay project and your reflective essay and you are ready for your photo blog site to be viewed.  This email will be the last thing you do to complete our class.

Everyone has accomplished a lot with images and ideas in a relatively short period of time!

What to include on your Photo Blog:

1 – Home Page – the “landing” page when a visitor first arrives sets the tone for the site, welcomes visitors, includes information about what someone will find on the site and some things to expect or look for (regarding your projects and your photographs) and, most importantly, establishes a brief summary of your photo essay experience.

2 – About Page – short bio of you, the photoessay maker/photographer  (optional: include photo/s)

3 – Photo posts/blog — your photo posts from the first weeks of class, including the “seeing” exercise week of photo posts

4 – Exercise #1 — choosing a published photo essay to highlight on your site

5 – Exercise #2 — exploring the topics People of Michigan (POM) or The Huron River using iMovie

6 – Final Photo Essay Project — your final photo essay project for our class (if using iMovie, include a short paragraph and then a link to the project itself ) NOTE: it is required to email T with your reflective essay, but it is optional to include your reflective essay on the site too, if you would like to.


1 – iMovie practice photo essay from class exercise

2- rough draft of your final photo essay project as a subpage or post (note: make sure it is clearly marked as the draft)

3- extra photo posts for the “seeing” exercise or other photo posts you would like to include

If you have questions, comments, or clarifications, don’t hesitate to email me.  Looking forward to seeing everyone’s projects and photo blogs.